Meet, Min the Accessories Genius Behind My Chocker Obsession -- but there's more to him than just accessories

“I am not really expecting to be successful or get fame for that matter, but I just like to share with people who are interested in science and questioning life.” That’s a pretty unusual statement from someone working with fashion. Min Hun Kang owns an accessories boutique on 26th St. in the middle of Manhattan, and has a great eye for placing the trendiest accessories in his store, L’uxetyne.

During my summer in New York, while walking to work – I mean running to work in my “sensible” heels, I was stopped in my tracks as I passed this adorable, little boutique with a chalk board sale sign sitting outside of its doors on the sidewalk. I thought to myself, “Hm, never seen this place before, must be new. I’ll just stop in for a sec, I’m already running late.” I was hit right at the door with shinny metals, glitter, jewels, stones, and all types of accessories. After that day, I would stop in all the time after work...and buy chokers. Since I’m in a little bit of a choker phase right now, luckily L’uxetyne had the cutest ones, but the jewelry and chokers was not the only reason I kept going back.


At the moment, Min uses the store as a tool to showcase his personal artwork. On the second floor of the boutique, hides an artistic gem of a small art gallery where he displays his life and science themed artwork. As a child he would dabble in art as a hobby, but to appease his parentals, he studied mathematics and physics in college. Though, that never was his true passion.

“To draw realistically, I needed to understand the object, light and color and relationship between objects. One of the most complicated objects that I find to draw is the human figure. To understand the human figure, I had to study the human bones, human muscles and geometry of the torso. Studying those made my observation and imagination deeper and it improved my drawing and expression of drawing and painting. So I decided to study further things that I don't see in my eyes. Such as gravity (physics), chemistry and mathematics to observe the world in different aspect. Curious what my painting would look like if I master them. Moreover, the measurement was biggest challenge since I started drawing realistic human figures as a teenage year. To draw realistically, I need to measure everything but there is a limit with our senses. What I was really surprised about was the measurement is not measuring with a ruler or sticks but using imagination or mathematics equations such as quantum mechanics. People who study this subject can be able to measure the size of the atom or molecules by relating the light wavelength and using mathematical equation and I think that is very impressive. Of course I am still studying and painting but not as much as I would like to. I stay busy with the store because it pays the bills, but I want to work harder at my passion in the future.”

I always believe, no matter how far you stray from your passion, it will always find its way back into your life. Eventually, Min wants to teach art classes in his upstairs gallery. He will use some of earnings from the store to fund his passion – after he pays the bills of course. So hop onto L’uxetyne’s website, he ships all over the U.S. Help ‘em out. To get more looks from his boutique, check out the Beauty & Style section.

Britt FillmoreComment