50/50 Magazine



50/50 Magazine...

50/50 Magazine is a concept magazine that was done for a class project. After my group and I started working on this project, it slowly started to take over our lives over the course of the semester. We one day want to make this into an actual niche publication magazine as we have not seen another magazine like this out on the market. I decided to put up this mock magazine for people to see. Please let me know what you think.

50/50 Magazine is for individuals who are not afraid of cutting-edge culture. Our unhindered perspective peeks into the taboos of modern society—from nootropic drug-use to avant-garde fashion—ushering in a new age of unfettered, yet factual in-your-face journalism that refuses to abide by conventional norms.  We look to provide voices for the underrepresented, the artistic fringe and people who are as unapologetic as our content is. For rebels who are willing to push the boundaries, say, fuck it and join us.